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Internet Explorer and Starcruiser Classic Development

Posted by ElPolloDiablo, May 1st 2006


well, I've started development on Starcruiser Classic, still haven't gotten very far, but I've never used LWJGL before or coded in a long time. For that matter I haven't used Internet Explorer since FireFox 1.4 came out, so I had no idea that after I cleaned up the XHTML on this site, that the games could no longer be played in IE, due to its ridiculous XHTML support. I found that out when I discussed the possibility of having music made for Starcruiser Classic. So the musician, Jørn, who hadn't tested the original Starcruiser probably since beta, was going to try the game. Turns out it doesn't work, he installs JRE 1.5, still doesn't work. So I found out that the object tag in XHTML needs some special stuff added to it to work in IE.

At least that's fixed now, which I guess is kind of nice. I wonder if there's been anyone by the site who's experienced this. I think I'll fix some more on the game pages too, and make them more dynamic. As I've already set up the database to hold game info.


What's going on?

Posted by ElPolloDiablo, February 8th 2006

Last edited by ElPolloDiablo, March 2nd 2006


if you are wondering what's going on with the New Years resolutions, if you can call them that. Well, redesign might not be necessary, but I will fix the Copyright notice so that it is boxed instead, so that pages that don't fill up don't look like poop. Among other things, I like the simplistic design, and easy to use code of the site. And most templates I've seen are made for corporate websites, or just aren't that good. I did come up with a design I think could have been cool, but it requires a lot of CSS and XHTML, and would be very bloated compared to the current code.

I've already cleaned up the XHTML and CSS. So now there's finishing the PHP, and building a bunch of stuff on the website.
I'm not fat yet, but I guess I should start working out to build some muscle ;)

I've been to the dentist to check out my gum infection, and that looks good. I guess I should go get an ordinary check up, maybe if it's an ordinary check up it won't end up being a Japanese class. (My former dentist had quit at the place I go to, so now I have a Japanese dentist, which of course asked what I study, and as it's Japanese, I kind of had to speak some, I guess it's good practice, but I was really tired, and had a bit of trouble thinking clearly last time).

My DVD collection continues to grow, and now I have even more DVDs to watch, and have only watched a couple, while adding around 10 or so. So that's not going too well.

Rude and I are planning to make Starcruiser Classic, a remake of Starcruiser, with hotter graphics, running in full screen, possibly better sounds, and so on. Don't know about the application yet, but I'll come up with something.

I haven't thought much of the animated short, I might have to make two, one 3d and one 2d, now that I own Toon Boom Studio as well as Carrara 5 Pro(and several other 3d apps). Or I could do one that mixes both elements, I just need to come up with an idea that works for this.

School is going well, but I haven't been very focused as of late, mainly due to breaking up with my girlfriend. I'm planning to work my rump off this weekend though, and catch up on homework, so that I can start cleaning my room next week, and the week after that it's computer time all the way.

Until then, don't expect too much.

Oh, and if you'd like, you could try out Arms Race my brother's game, which is still in beta. I've done all the graphics, but all the workfiles have been lost as I've stated in former news.

Pollo - Out

XHTML and CSS checks

Posted by ElPolloDiablo, January 29th 2006


I've just gone through all the pages to have them XHTML and CSS validated. I've also gone through all the database entries to check for bad markup. All issues have been fixed, although there were no CSS issues, except for the fact that there are some Level 1 warnings (no bg-color with color and such), though I haven't bothered to fix those. I'm going to start looking through some of the resources of my Computer Arts CDs. Among other things the different website templates, 40 or 50 of them, for some inspiration on the new design, and to learn some CSSP, which I'm not that good at.


Posted by ElPolloDiablo, January 14th 2006

Well, after the recent destruction of my computer, I've been thinking a lot, and watching TV a lot for that matter. After some thought, I figured I'd take this as a fresh start. Start over and do everything right, although you'll always make mistakes, there's no harm in not redoing those of the past. And it's a whole new year and all, so I've been thinking a bit about what I want to do this year:

I might add something else to this list, not sure what though.

Good luck to you all in 2006, may it be prosperous and let justice prevail in this year of the dog (which doesn't really start for two weeks unlike our western year).

Fluffy says:

Posted by Fluffy the Chicken, January 14th 2006

Tweet tweet,

this is my first post here, as the mascot, I felt kind of obligated to do something about the lack of posts.

As Diablo himself has gone through total havoc, data recovery was slightly higher than what he was willing to pay, so he no longer has the source code for the games. He lost almost all his graphics work, and that which can be recovered on the net does not contain any of the work files.
Among other things he lost all the layered GIMP files for his brother's Arms Race game, just about all 3d models he's made (a couple of characters and a bunch of props from different modeling challenges).

So he's got lots of plans for what to do now: redesign and finish coding this here website, start a blog(or at least so he claims), start backing things up to DVD+RW and an external drive (although he has to buy a new third hard drive, his old one was lying in the 5.25" bay and got fried with all the video files from his year studying Film & TV), start working on some kind of 1 minute 3d short and work his ass off to keep doing well in Japanese class as well as try and get a B on his philosophy exam. First he has to do some recovery of files that are lying around on the net first, so he can at least try to get some stuff back.

As for me, I'm doing fine. Although lately with Diablo's major "my computer is destroyed"-depression, there's been a serious lack of new chicken feed.

- Fluffy the Chicken.

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